The Best TVs for Gaming 2012-2013 for Xbox, PS3 and Wii @hdtvplasmaguy

The Best Gaming TV's 2012-2013 With so many HDTV technology types and an even more dizzying lineup of brands and models the gaming community has been waiting with bated breath for the official list of the "Best TV's for Gaming" 2012-2013 for Xbox, PS3 and Wii". Recently, an avid HDTV technology researcher and expert, Wallace Pierce released a series of HDTV reviews from a console gamers perspective that has shed much needed light on what the best gaming tvs actually are according to the needs and perspective of the gamer. In Search of the Best HDTV for Gaming Not all HDTV's are created alike as some are more suitable for movie buffs, some for sports fans, and some are better for those who prefer to watch broadcast TV. The best HDTVs for gaming are actually those that have been calibrated to display crisp graphics, vibrant color, and handle input signals from the consoles themselves with minimal lag. Wallace says "The biggest issue amongst hardcore console gamers is input lag. If you are playing timing-sensitive video games then lag can become a major annoyance in getting your timing down while playing games online. On the Official List of the Best Gaming TV's 2012-2013 I have narrowed down the field to a select group of HDTV's that minimize if not eliminate this problem." The best gaming HDTVs were evaluated for:
  • Performance levels for handling fast motion graphics with minimal lag
  • Ability to display deep black levels
  • Ability to display vibrant colors and crisp graphics
See the Official List: » Best TVs for Gaming The Best Plasma TV for Gaming One of the highlights of the "Official List of the Best TVs for Gaming 2012-2013 for Xbox, PS3 and Wii" was the selection of the best Plasma TV for gaming. With the issues that Plasma TV's have faced in the past such as image retention or 'burn in' it has been a challenge for Plasma manufacturers to shake this bad mark on Plasma technology. Wallace states "In the past this was an issue, however high-quality modern Plasma TV's do not suffer from burn in at all. As it stands Plasma TV's have a number of advantages such as displaying deeper black levels, and handling fast motion images extremely well. For the Plasma TV enthusiast I have included the best of the best Plasma models for gaming." See the best Plasma TV for gaming: » Best Plasma TV for Gaming The Best LCD TV for Gaming Another highlight of the list was the selection of the best LCD TV for gaming. LCD is the newer TV technology and has it's own share of advantages. Wallace tells us "LCD TV's work very will bright environments and have a higher native resolution than Plasma. If you are gaming in a bright sunny room during the day then you likely want an LCD TV set. A Plasma set has a glass panel that will reflect the light coming in unless it has an antiglare coating." See the best LCD TV for gaming: » Best LCD TV for Gaming